Chapter Three

‘Did you just hear something!?!' asked one of the boys, outside. [Inspired by D3L1 2 G0(pnp)]

‘It came from inside the castle,’ said the round one, leaping to his feet, and letting off an arc of sparks. ‘Let’s go into battle, let’s engage them now. It’s always much harder to fight aliens once they’ve established a food source.’  He raced around in a circle, like a little dog.

‘Ok then, Jacob,’ said the dark haired one, sighing and shoving the chip packet into his pocket, ‘lead the way.’ [Izthewiz, FluffyUnicorns 2 E.L.S. and Fluffy Unicorns 6 O.P. wanted the boys to end up at the castle]


‘Victor?’ called Flora Rose into the darkness.  ‘Are you all right?’

‘That damned cat!’  Victor’s voice echoed up the steps. ‘He’s a bally nuisance, got right under my feet. Get out of the way, cat.’ [HissTheCreeper-Squid suggested tripping over the cat]

A high-pained yowl from Shipwreck James and another shout from Victor cut through the fetid dungeon air.

Billy and Flora Rose paused half way down the stairs, partly because it was pitch dark, and partly because of Victor.  He appeared to be inside a prison cell, leaning over something, muttering.

‘Corlandis and Wrealot,’ muttered Billy.  ‘What’s he doing?’

‘This,’ said Victor, ‘must be the source of the power.’

‘What must be the source of the power?’ said Flora Rose, lifting her dress from a puddle that stretched right across the floor.

‘This thing – this stone – this magnificent object!’

‘Looks like a piece of rock to me,’ said Billy, reaching down to stroke Shipwreck James and immediately grabbing his hand back when something very like an electric shock jolted through his fingers.  ‘Ow!’

Flora Rose slid through the bars, leaving Billy standing outside on his own. ‘I can feel something, something deeply wonderful coursing through my bones,’ said Victor. [Fluffy Unicorns 3 O.M. said he changes when he touches the meteorite as did Spurs1882(pnp), and Reachboy(pnp) said he was holding the meteorite]

‘You haven’t got any bones,’ said Flora Rose, ‘You’re a...’

But she stopped. Because something had changed.  Even in the almost complete darkness, Flora Rose and Billy could see something about Victor was different.

He was more visible, rounder, pinker in every way.

Flora Rose poked him.

Her finger passed right through him.

‘That isn’t supposed to happen,’ she said.

Billy slid through the bars and stuffed his hand inside Victor’s ear.  Victor didn’t seem to notice.  ‘Shivery timbers,’ said Billy. ‘He’s human. Or as close to human as Victor has ever been.’ [Fluffy Unicorns 3 E.S. wrote a brilliant scene like this that inspired Fleur]

‘Surely not,’ said Flora Rose.

‘Stop whispering in my ear.’ Victor swatted her away, but his hand passed through her face.

‘Can you see us, Victor?’ asked Flora Rose.

Victor turned and stared at them.  Except that they weren’t where he was looking.  ‘I can hear you, Flora Rose – where’s that idiot Billy gone? Why can’t I see you?’

Billy slipped back through the bars and stood out of Victor’s reach.  Flora Rose joined him.  ‘How did that happen?’ whispered Billy. ‘It’s as if he’s alive. As if he’s been restored.’

As Flora Rose shook her head, feet sounded in the hall above them joined by shouting.  Shipwreck James melted into the floor beneath their feet, vanishing completely, while Billy and Flora Rose flattened themselves against the wall.

The three boys thundered down the steps, loud and bringing with them the smell of sun light on skin, chips and ice-cream.  Billy sniffed at them, filled with an almost unbearable sense of nostalgia.

‘What are you doing in there?’ The round one challenged Victor.  ‘That’s off limits, that is.’

For a moment Victor seemed to panic but very quickly he pulled his face into a picture of charm. ‘You can see me, how delightful... boys.’

‘How did you get in there?’ asked the dark haired one.

‘Yes,’ said the curly headed one. ‘Do you have a key?’

‘Like this,’ said Victor, pulling himself tall and marching through the bars.  Except he didn’t march through the bars, instead, he cranged into them.

‘Ow!’ he exclaimed holding his head.

‘Could have told you that would happen,’ said the dark haired one. ‘What were you expecting?’

‘But this is impossible,’ declared Victor, shaking the bars.

The round one laughed and, for a second, his eyes glowed red.  Sparks leapt from the ends of his fingers and bounced around the walls of the dungeon, illuminating everything.

Billy saw the sparks lighting up Victor’s face.  He looked ecstatic, mad even. But he smothered the look before the sparks had even died. Next to Billy, Flora Rose sucked in her breath.

‘Marvellous!’ she said. ‘Marvellous!’

‘Shhhh!’ hissed Billy, slightly too late.

‘For a second – a fleeting second, I saw my reflection in that puddle!’ said Flora Rose. [Fluffy Unicorns 3 Z.H. suggested the puddle and Flora seeing her reflection in it]

The three boys swung around.

‘Flipping heck!’ said the dark haired one. ‘Did you hear that?’

‘Come out, wherever you are!’ shouted the round one.  ‘I can see you – hear you – whatever.’

‘Can you?’ asked Flora Rose.

‘It’s a girl,’ said the curly haired one. ‘Tell us your name – why are you invisible and who is that?’ He pointed towards Victor who was examining the beginnings of a lump on his forehead.

‘I’m Flora Rose – can you really see me?’



‘Maybe,’ said the three boys.

‘I can certainly hear you,’ said the curly headed one.

‘Can you do it again? That spark thing – it was – lovely. I’m Flora by the way, Flora Rose.’

‘I’m Jacob,’ said the round one, sending another spray of sparks over the puddle.

Billy glanced over to Victor.  All the madness had gone; he now looked a picture of charm. Calm, urbane, elegant, and Billy wondered what he was up to. [fluffyminion(pnp), FluffyUnicorns 1 L.S.  all suggested that Victor would try to take the boys' powers]

‘I’m Tom,’ said the dark haired one. ‘And he’s Eric,’ he pointed at the boy with the mass of spiral knots on his head.  

‘And I’m Victor – Flora Rose’s companion.  So pleased to meet you.’ Victor stuck his hand between the bars.  Only Jacob shook it. ‘And I’m wondering, as you’re so clever and you have such wonderful powers, if you could let me out.’ He rattled the bars. ‘It’s just that in the last few minutes, I seem to have become stuck.’ [Izthewiz suggested Victor needs rescuing]


[There were so many of you suggesting that one of the ghosts go into the dungeon, find the meteorite and/or become mortal: Booty, fluffyminion(pnp), Fluffy Unicorns 1 A.C., Fluffy Unicorns 1 L.K., FluffyUnicorns 1 L.S., Fluffy Unicorns 4 B.P., Fluffy Unicorns 5 A.L.M., Fluffy Unicorns 5 M.C.S., Fluffy Unicorns 5 R.C., Fluffy Unicorns 5 S.G., Fluffy Unicorns 6 J.L.F., ]

CONGRATULATIONS to the Chapter Three contributors!

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D3L1 2 G0(pnp)

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Comment by PatchnPebbles on February 10, 2014 at 8:56

How do we know whose ideas have been used, or is this added later?

Comment by TherealFleur on February 10, 2014 at 9:00

OOOh I hope the Evil Editor will add it later - can you spot your own?  I don't know whose ideas have been used because that way it's fairer. 

Comment by HissTheCreeper-Squid on February 10, 2014 at 13:04
YES!!!! Some of my wo5rds have been used AND he tried over the cat!
Comment by fluffyminion(pnp) on February 10, 2014 at 15:37

Yes i have seen my ideas in the chapter.

Comment by dr.chopper on February 10, 2014 at 16:17

congratulations if your ideas are in this chapter

Comment by socksy on February 11, 2014 at 12:44

then i saw her again she keeps popping up and then go's.Suddenly, she stopped and shoock my hand she said what are you doing here i said its a haunted house and i love solving mysteries.


Comment by fluffyminion(pnp) on February 11, 2014 at 12:51

If you get in when do you get the book on your profile?

Comment by PatchnPebbles on February 11, 2014 at 13:59

Well done if you can spot your ideas in the chapter! We think we've found a few of our ideas, but can't wait to see if we get a book badge! Please could you put the contributor names up, Evil Editor *cue pleading voice!*

Comment by Isapop on February 11, 2014 at 14:03

Ooh, fantastic chapter!

Comment by zashasgirl(pnp) on February 11, 2014 at 18:24

Well done people who got in i read the chapter and it was really good

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