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The Story Adventure!

Cas is the author of the HARVEY DREW AND THE BIN MEN FROM OUTER SPACE series and she is writing her third book with YOU, posting a new chapter every Monday.

If you help Cas fend off the Evil Editor and your idea gets used, your user name will get printed in the back of the book when it's published. Here's more about how it works.

The Evil Editor's Gallery of Awesome

Anti Pasta Machine

by Rockers IM

Roclaw and Steve

by Doodleduck and LemonSpaceCurd2


by Twinkle

A version of Gordon

by Rockers MP

A pizza machine

by Rockers

Mapping the Stars

by Potato Teeny Weeny RM

Outer Space - Cas will only see these comments

More of the Manual - Harvey Ch5 Act2

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by POTATO Teenyweeny RM yesterday. 9 Replies

Help us with some more pages of the Toxic Spew's Operating Manual.This time, we're looking for ideas on:A Guide to Garbage with gradings for most toxic/dangerous (a category suggested by Teenyweeny … 

Supermarket Security - Harvey Ch5 Q1

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by TherealFleur yesterday. 45 Replies

What kind of security system or security robots do they have at Waitless? (We need to know what comes after the "Suddenly..." at the end of chapter 5!)And what does the crew of the Toxic Spew do to deal with it/them?You can create a set of baddie… 

New on the Crew - Harvey Ch5 Q2

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Hot Key Books yesterday. 34 Replies

You all started to create some of the most wonderful characters during the prologue, and now is the moment! Cas will be creating a new robot character from your ideas.Don't worry - any characters suggested during the prologue activities will be… 

Putrid Pizza - Harvey Ch1Q2

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Happy,Teenyweeny LS on Wednesday. 74 Replies

Yargal has to make a pizza out of all the leftover bits of food – it’s the most disgusting pizza she’s ever made. What does she put on it? 

What’s on the Menu - Harvey Ch4 Q1

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Happy,Teenyweeny LS on Wednesday. 73 Replies

The crew have finally made it to Waitless, insides the Intergalactic Super Store.Describe the inside of the shop. What strange things does it sell? What do they eat!?Think of things that are in your local supermarket, and then space-i-fy them!We're… 

Shopping List - Harvey Ch2Q1

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Happy,Teenyweeny LS on Wednesday. 51 Replies

Harvey gest the crew to make a shopping list of everythign they need to get from the I.S.S. Waitless. What's on the list? 


The Story Adventure is supported by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) who share the importance of children's books and literature through research and training for educators.

CLPE produce the Core Book List, a comprehensive, must-have Primary School booklist. Find out more here.


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