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The next Story Adventure!

It's almost here! Cas Lester has posted her prologue, to get you warmed up for the official start 22 September 2014.

Cas writes the HARVEY DREW AND THE BIN MEN FROM OUTER SPACE series and she will be posting a new chapter of her third HARVEY DREW book every Monday, and YOU have to help. Or the Evil Editor will be very mean to Cas!

If your idea gets used, your user name will get printed in the back of the book when it is published. We're also going to build a ship's manual for the Toxic Spew with your help, which will also be included in the actual book.

The Evil Editor's Gallery of Awesome

Roclaw and Steve

by Doodleduck and LemonSpaceCurd2


by Twinkle

The Book So Far


Posted by Hot Key Books on September 8, 2014 at 7:00 6 Comments



The Toxic Spew - Intergalactic Garbage Ship (Class 4)…


Outer Space - Cas will only see these comments

Robot Laboratory - Harvey Prologue Act1

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by ANobodyZ yesterday. 43 Replies

A new character is going to arrive on the Toxic Spew, a few chapters in. It’s a robot and YOU need to create it.You can start with a drawing and then decide its characteristics, or you can start with describing it and then draw it.When describing… 

Must-have Manual! - Harvey Prologue Act3

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Booty yesterday. 26 Replies

Harvey discovers there isn’t a manual for the Toxic Spew and he badly needs one - especially with the absent-minded and easily-offended-ness ness of his ship's computer!  What sort of things should go into the Toxic Spew Ship’s Manual?Make a list of… 

Q1 - Troublesome Trash - Harvey Prologue

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Booty yesterday. 3 Replies

Because you are all doing such a great job so far, Cas has decided to ask a few questions for her first chapter, which posts next Monday.At the beginning of the first chapter of HARVEY DREW AND THE JUNK SKUNKS something causes a blockage in the… 

Q2 - Tools - Harvey Prologue

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Booty yesterday. 4 Replies

The blockage from Question… 

New Character Chain! - Harvey Just for Fun

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Doodleduck yesterday. 51 Replies

Let's start a new chain game! The Character Chain is a really fun word game, where one person suggests a name from a children's book and the next person takes the LAST letter of the name and thinks of a name that STARTS with that letter. Then the… 

One Line Story Game

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by ANobodyZ on Saturday. 23 Replies

This is just for fun, and not part of Fleur's story.We start with a sentence - and then YOU carry it on, one sentence at a time. You can take the story anywhere you want to go, but your sentence should fit in with what has come before.You're only… 


The Story Adventure is supported by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) who share the importance of children's books and literature through research and training for educators.

CLPE produce the Core Book List, a comprehensive, must-have Primary School booklist. Find out more here.


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