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Have YOUR SAY in the Story!

The Evil Editor is at it again, and is shouting aLOT for another book.

Starting in September, a new author will be writing a Story Adventure with you, posting a new chapter every Monday, and YOU have to help. If your idea gets used, your user name will get printed in the back of the book when it is published.

For now, you can read all the chapters of the previous Story Adventure that created SHRUNK! GHOSTS ON BOARD which is being edited by Fleur and the Evil Editor right now, and will be published with some of YOUR NAMES in the back in Jan 2015.

The Evil Editor's Gallery of Awesome

Black Hall Island

by FruityBookworms LAT, CJ, NW


by Cool Cookie and Twinkle

Cool Characters

by Fruity Bookworms Y6 EJ and NW

The Book So Far

Chapter Ten - The End... for now

Posted by Hot Key Books on March 31, 2014 at 7:00 15 Comments

Chapter Ten

‘Now what?’ asked Jacob crouching down to look at the curious little grey figure squirming in the puddle. ‘Did I look like this?’

‘Yes, kind of, but redder and… rounder,’ said Tom, taking a small, yellow, plastic capsule out of his pocket. ‘Let’s…


The Haunted House - Fleur will only see these comments

Wrestling Trolls ILLUSTRATIONS!

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by cool(fruitybookwormsyr5srwandfw) 6 hours ago. 12 Replies

Hello to all you Adventurers that were around for Jim Eldridge's Story Adventure - do you remember Blaze the Phoenix, as inspired by Jedi 1, Twinkle and Burnt Chocolate? (If you don't, you can check out the story… 

Story Book Worm's Story Nook

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Chocolate 8 hours ago. 171 Replies

Here is a place where you can post your own writing - anything you like!Please keep it appropriate and be supportive of each other's creativity.And have fun!This post is named after Story Adventure member The Story Book Worm! 

A Message From Fleur

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Chocolate 10 hours ago. 17 Replies

Dear Story Adventurers, Thank you so much for your enthusiasm.  It gives a tired writer with an evil editor the strength to carry on.You should all be proud of your contributions to the story that we have created so far, AND, if for some reason I… 

Write a Letter to Fleur - Ch9Activity1

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Chocolate 10 hours ago. 77 Replies

This is the last week Fleur will be writing this story. (Boo hoo!)Write her a letter, letting her know how you feel about this Adventure and the story she's written with you.(And, don't worry, our next Adventure will start up again in the fall... in… 

The bookplate WINNER!

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Fancyfootball(FruityBookw'ms5NW) 22 hours ago. 35 Replies

Congratulations to Fancyfootball(FruityBookw'ms5NW) whose bookplate has been selected to print in the book! (We'll be emailing you shortly, Fancyfootball!)… 

Victor Not Victorious - Ch9Q2

Started by Hot Key Books. Last reply by Chocolate yesterday. 69 Replies

Now that Victor is a tiny ghost, Fleur needs more suggestions about how to contain him.(Remember, the shrinking effect does wear off after time.) 


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